There’s been much talk in recent years of how out-of-touch the political and media classes are with society, and this alienated relationship feels particularly pronounced in the UK and America.

My anarchist side welcomes this breakdown, as part of me remains hopeful that public resentment of these propagandist times leads to pressure which engenders change. However, there’s a prejudice in me that feels people will instead make stupid decisions when they’re angry. Have I been guilty of stereotyping Brexit and Trump supporters? To some degree – but it’s hard to ignore the contradictions in their arguments. The blue-collar populations of America whose lives were destroyed by outsourcing have voted for a billionaire capitalist whose own business uses outsourcing in order to avoid creating jobs or risking money (…/column-trumps-outrage-over-outsourcin…/). In the UK, a significant section of the population stubbornly cling to the belief that their misery is caused by small Polish sausage and cheese shops rather than the gargantuan financial, political and media corporations.

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