Shows I’ve Seen

20th June 2010Paul McCartney (Glasgow, Hampden – support from Sharleen Spiteri)

21st Aug 2007Sonic Youth (Glasgow, ABC)

14th Dec 2006The Melvins (Glasgow, Garage – support from Flipper w/Krist Novoselic)

11th Oct 2006 – Andy Fairweather Low (Perth, Bein Inn)

25th Aug 2006The Rolling Stones (Glasgow, Hampden – support from The Charlatans)

25th Feb 2006 – Hundred Reasons (Dundee, Reading Rooms)

19th July 2001Status Quo (Edinburgh Castle – support from The Beach Boys)

13th July 2001Bob Dylan (Stirling Castle)

10th June 2001Neil Young & Crazy Horse (Glasgow, SECC)

3rd November 2000The Who (Glasgow, SECC)

30th Oct 2000Smashing Pumpkins (Glasgow, SECC)

21st June 2000 – Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings (Glenrothes, Rothes Halls)

15th Oct 1999Therapy? (Glasgow, Garage – support from Rico)

4th June 1999The Rolling Stones (Edinburgh, Murrayfield- support from Sheryl Crow)

24th April 1999BB King (Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium – support from John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

Sept 1998 – Noel Redding (Glasgow, Cathouse)

25th Jan 1998Green Day (Glasgow, Barrowlands – support from D-Generation)

A Shopping List of Thoughts


  • I’m a jaded mid-30-something. Ten years ago I was a jaded mid-20-something, and so forth. Disillusionment is no longer a feature to be experienced by some individuals at a certain point in their life, but rather has become a defining characteristic of the overall contemporary age.
  • I’m treading carefully though – declarations of ‘the end of ideas’ in the past have rightly been mocked. The quote “children must be taught how to think, not what to think” is attributed to cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead which I think resonates well with the jazz adage “It’s not the notes you play; it’s the notes you don’t play”. The world would be vastly improved by teaching people what not to buy.
  • Sentimentality is a big selling point in art and business (as this article highlights). Subsequently, I think it’s fair to deduce that the fear of sincerity from within the spheres of art, business and media has become a cultural obstacle which has paralysed our natural instincts of exploration. In 1965 Mick Jagger sang (I can’t get no) Satisfaction; 50 years later the anthem should surely be (I can’t get no) Exposure.
  • Milk
  • Bread

The last 10 videos I added to my YouTube favourites playlist were from: Captain Beefheart; Frank Zappa; Motley Crue; George Michael; Le Tigre; LL Cool J; Focus; Mahavishnu Orchestra; Satchel; Wang Chung.

That makes my taste look pretty eclectic, but the reality is I’ll listen to any old shit.


More ‘sheet’ than ‘press sheet’, click here for a PDF of empty words which accompanies the pathetic letters I send to record labels. Detailed biographical information can be invented by starting a Wikipedia entry on my behalf. I have recently finished album No. 7 – The Landed Gentry. I have started work on the follow-up record which shall probably be a 5 song EP.

Writing about my own music isn’t an easy thing to do as there’s a good dozen other things I’d rather be doing instead. If it helps, the last 10 videos I added to my YouTube favourites playlist were from: NWA; Herbie Hancock;Torche; John Lennon; Kinski; Curiosity Killed The Cat; Massive Attack; Nick Cave; Al Green and The Spencer Davis Group.

Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements or allergies.


TIDINGS! My name is Lyle Christine. The music business makes me sick, so I do things my way – writing, recording, producing, rehearsing imaginary courtroom monologues.

Lyle Christine: an insatiable creative-type, patience of a toddler, radioactive levels of cynicism.

‘Many a little makes a mickle’ or, to put it another way, ‘look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’. My albums are found here. My current business model is to charge £7.49 per album, 79p per track. Last week’s market strategy was pay-what-you-want. Next week I’ll try a three-tier consumer saturation campaign incorporating loyalty schemes and longevity incentives. When I said ‘the music business makes me sick’, this is what I mean; I am not a salesman.

How do I describe my music? It’s flaky. Not so much in a psoriasis way, more in an unreliable way. Some songsmiths like to change key in the middle of a song; I like to change song in the middle of a song.

And so on, and so on, I’m sure you get the etc.

I played in bands many years ago (e.g.), but my primary focus for a long time has been as a solo musician. It’s entirely possible I’ll play with a new group in the future, if the price is right (i.e. it won’t cost me my mental stability).

I live in Glasgow. I have lived in Dundee. I grew up in the magical kingdom of Fife.