Smoke if you got ’em!

Christ, what timing – I was about write this big long Facebook rant on why I wholeheartedly support the Spanish police force shooting Catalonians in the face as a punishment for daring to question Spain’s corrupt and inept capitalist government: how dare those Balearic coastal peasants criticise Spain’s incompetent self-serving status-quo! – if it wasn’t for Spain, then beet-red-in-the-face bigoted insufferable baby-boomer Brits would have nowhere to retire to!

Anyway, it’s insensitive of me to give full credit and spotlight to the Spanish police as there’s an American individual who also just entered himself as a candidate for “Most Murderous Fuckwank That We Despise” – this contender is Stephen Paddock – Stephen, thanks for unloading your gun in the faces of an audience trying to enjoy a concert!

Facebook pals, allow me to ask the question: what exactly was Stephen supposed to do? He was trying his best to uphold the law; and what that means is he was impersonating an officer of the law; and what that means is shooting people in the face if they criticise the hierarchy of inherited privilege.
Stephen Paddock was a GOD DAMNED patriot. If you’re NOT shooting someone in the face at this very moment, then you’re probably doing something obscene like buying lunch for a homeless person. Or worse, like reading chapter 10 of Das Kapital.

Let me reiterate Facebook pals: if you’re not shooting someone in the face to stop/end their arguments, then you’re probably a snowflake spineless liberal who is tolerant of complex ideas; and you probably like things like thoroughly researched conclusions. Yuck, you make me fucking sick to my Weatherspoon’s plump stomach.

If I had to say what I HATE most about this snowflake society, you know my answer: it’s the smart-arses who can do complex thinking. I can’t stand flowery “thinkers”. However, if there’s one thing I LOVE about this world, it’s that I can shoot anyone in the face who makes me feel like I’m an inadequate individual due to a lack of skills in diplomacy, rhetoric and civility.