Lyle Christine is not a musician who is comfortable writing about himself in the third-person, but until Spotify increases its shillings and groats royalty rate, Lyle can’t afford a marketing team to take care of important business such as the “artiste biography“.

What you’ve missed: Glasgow-based musician has recorded a few albums of varying quality; what to expect in future: more albums of varying quality followed by a pithy gravestone summary:


He was oft perturbed.

“Glasgow-based“? That’s right eagle-eye, I’m a country boy from Fife originally, hailing from a small village called Kettle where the world’s lettuce is wrapped in cling film and popular children’s entertainers drive about in Jaguars while coked out their skulls. I should have stayed there; what more does a man need than high-quality lettuce, high-quality cocaine and high-quality mawkish folksy drivel?

Moving on, I have recorded 9 albums with the latest record ‘Funraiser‘ (2020) being more focused on the acoustic guitar: Funraiser is a softer, gentler form of my scathing critique of the corrupt, hypocritical environment commonly referred to as ‘civil society’ in which I continuously and ruthlessly condemn with no quarter. The next album will be noisy – it will be Big Muff squared.

And so… on with the show.

Lyle Christine: patience of a toddler...
radioactive levels of cynicism

Here comes...

An uncomfortable chat about "the music, man"


Dearest pals, I honestly don’t care what’s in your Spotify favourites playlist or if your vinyl collection includes an original mint copy of Zeppelin II… and you probably shouldn’t care what my albums are about. My albums are the ramblings of a throwback. I’m a crumbling urchin cursed with a condition-of-compulsion which compels me to bake an album every year or so. I really do love writing and recording music, but I have no desire to become familiar with the bovine, herd-oriented, hive-mentality artless bland masses. I have never been to Glastonbury or any of the other ‘Hit Parades for Young Conservatives’. The number of bands I hate is as long as the horizon is wide… but what’s important is good advice:

Keep Kicking Against the Pricks; Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down; Mind the Gap.