Eternal Return of the Lame

Eternal Return of the Lame
Release Date: 2008-04-01
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Recorded between November 2007 & April 2008 in Kettlebridge, Fife.


Album Review

Lyle Christine has been knee deep in the Scottish music scene for years now, whether producing grunge tinged rock with his former band Stigma, or typing epic bile flecked messages on numerous forums, messages that most fail repeatedly to see the obvious humour in. It’s safe to say that most people just don’t ‘Get’ Lyle. Which is a pity, because he has been producing excellent machine pop for the last couple of years, all the time fighting against the music industry by releasing everything for free.

‘Eternal Return of the Lame’ sees Lyle’s obvious talent for words finally match up with his music, with punchy almost Weezer sized melodies rubbing up against satisfyingly crunchy guitars. Pretty much every track is excellent, with the stand out being ‘RRP’, a tune so huge that it should be a hit all over the English speaking world.

Put your preconceptions about Lyle to one side, point your browser at his site, and enjoy some of the best pop to be coming out of Scotland right now.
- Alex Botten, Is This Music?