Duff Steer

Help me understand the problems you’re facing, never caught the tail you were chasing
We can double up and double our chances, yeah – with feeling!
Maybe there’s a group for victims of torture, sit around, discuss the horror,
You can look away or you can move closer, yeah – let’s hear you
Sing, for your supper, for your troubles, for your life – take it by the throat
Now, will you listen, will you give in, to the truth – taking off the mask
I’m not taking off the mask, I’m not living in the past, I’m not polishing the brass, I’m not drinking from the glass,
Go now, make your voices loud, step out from the angry crowd, right now I couldn’t be more proud, I’m not taking off the shroud
Talk me through the plan including the detail, see the world by hanging on coattails
Gonna make a mark by making a copy yeah – no secrets!
No one’s gonna pay for what they can get free, low fruit hanging on the pear tree
Trade in those guitars for shovels and dig a ditch – no future!
Here, lies your future, in the sewer, in the dark, running underground
You, with your vision, with your pictures, with your heart, – taking off the mask
One thing, before the day runs out, stock up, prepare yourself for drought
March on, toward the distant spring, old hope, you carry in a sling
These days, defined by endless grind, all those confessions left unsigned
I’m not taking off the mask, I’m not taking off the mask
I never paid for those mistakes
I didn’t need to draw my blade
I never thought those thoughts would fade

Say That Again
I’ve ruined this time today, I got nowhere left to go,
I’m not so easy hired, these days I’m being let go
Go on say that again pal, I’m listening, it’s sickening
Help now, give me a hand pal, cause I’m moving it, and I’m losing it
Fall back, look at the back pal, they’re doing it, we’re losing it
Up top, top of the hill pal, they’re burning it, they’re learning it
I’ve made mistakes, from door to door
Their argument has no bedrock, I’m cutting out all the deadlock
Say that again, I’ll double my fee, your alibi without witness,
Give in, give in, given, given
I heard this guy today, he said God protects the brave
I said such big results are measured from grave to grave
I saw this sign today, it said ‘No signs are allowed’
For such a useless drip, your parents must be proud

I’m not like the people round here, they’re walking on webbed toes
The gene pool dried up round here, the evolution froze
Swivel-eyes are watching me, cause I’m not like them,
They don’t like bright lights round here, they can’t count to ten
I’ve gotta run, I’ve gotta get out of here, I gotta find the new folks who are open minded
They chased away the good ideas round here, attacking reason is the fight that gets these simple folks united
There is no conversation on the streets, there’s just the reek of ignorance from the prejudiced obstructions
There’s got to be somewhere some life on this Earth, I gotta leave this place today each day I pray for an abduction
And last night they knocked at my door, they were high on the beans
For too long I’ve lived round here, I need to quit this scene
They didn’t have much to say last night, they didn’t make much sense
They don’t like bright lights round here, they can’t count to ten
Anyway, step up then look away
Set up, and let’s play maybe we
Separate, hold on I’ll try again
Tell me your name again, what can you recommend
Signed with a borrowed pen, reaching the very end
Of the road you’re taking a bullet for a team you were told
That they don’t care if you rise or fall but you feel big with that weight in your paw, oh yeah

Slip Groat
So long my sweet, we had a good run, squashed those elites with a metric ton
We’ll toast the Earth a million miles away, where we observe (I’m sure we heard?) a very slight delay
So long my sweet it’s time I leave, I’ll call you when I’m there
I’m walking out with my hands up my hands up in-the-air-with-no-intention
This danger, on paper, undersigned by allies of the evil empire
These changes, on pages, overseen by masters of the friendly fire
Those pledges, dual edges, carving out the lines across an oily desert
Those borders, dark corners, they’ll be sure to suffocate your every effort
Don’t wake the kids until they’re ready, learning the steps until they’re steady
Your stone embrace with no affection, in those mistakes you’ll find perfection
Don’t tell the kids about my troubles while I’m in repair
I’m walking out with my hands up my hands up in-the-air-with-no-intention

I’m not happy with the service today, I think I’d like to make a complaint
An excuse to broadcast my views, a servant that I need to abuse
I’ve been working each of the week, I’ve paid for an expensive seat
I’ll be sat here judging your show, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go
We are the audience, we pay your wages
We’ll give a bad review, if you don’t fill us with cheer
We’re offended, by poor performance, we are protected by,
Infancy and terrible beards
History doesn’t really exist, nothing that I’m likely to miss
And They mention me in the news, my channel got another few views
I’ve been swinging from mean to mad, never wanted something so bad
In the end we reap what we sow , I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go
How many more years? Till the hive disappears
Selling up, while you’re conscious, getting out while you can
I’ve been working on an exit plan, something that you’ll understand
When the time is right then you’ll know, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna go

Dear doctor my ship’s sinking, I can’t change my way of thinking
I was on an even keel now I’m stuck inside a hamster wheel
And the world is full of fools of which I’m one
And the war was never won
Dear doctor, I’ve been patient, tell me why I feel so ancient
Each morning is a curse; each day I feel a little worse
And I worry that I worry too much
And I’m feeling so out of touch
I’m not looking for a miracle cure
I just want a frame of mind that’s pure

Port Valour
I need to clear the deck, of all the burning dreck, there’s guests coming round, to sleep on the ground
Tonight the stakes are raised, and past mistakes erased, the horror beneath, stares up at the wreath
If you want results, then you’ve got to…
Tame that beast that preys on prayer
Those seeds of doubt need clearing out
We’ll navigate by stars, and mark the land in yards
A place in the queue, that never seems to move
I’m glad I had the chance, to see the line advance
They’ve closed up the wounds, the battle resumes
Set the world to rights, over several nights
Setting up the guides, don’t travel alone
Don’t pick up the stone, let go of the straws
Pause for the applause, walking on your hands

Mustard Hop
I’m in line with the wretched condemned, at the gates of a hellish inferno
I’m accused of a terrible thing, earned a place in a torturous limbo
Had I risked everything to the hilt, a full commitment to grim behaviour
I’d be welcomed to the palace of pain, brush my teeth with a rusty razor
I was foolish to think you’d let me join your club of demons
I tried so hard to live a life of sin, not pure and decent
I played it safe, I’ve got myself to blame, another weed in the feral grasses
I’ve been returned to the realm of the dear, a life of hell among the witless masses
Waving you down, going to town
Stifling heat, pleasure to meet
Hitching a ride, cross the divide
Heading back home, paying the loan
Making a deal, steering the wheel,
Eyes on the road, paying what’s owed
Clearing your feet, back on the street
Watching your back, cover your track

Knitting Nancy
I was hopeful for a new proposal, you were kneeling looking unappealing
Leave a token of appreciation, show a gesture of your admiration
These forms are making all of us ill, we’re filling out another form to get another form to fill
These rules will be the death of us all, we’re gonna need a knitting nancy if we want a voodoo doll
Stick another pin in the crisis, stick another pin in the pie, stick in another pin in the privates, stick another pig in the sty
They were saying you were overpaying, it’s an error for the big spender
Early dining, served with silver lining, they were reeling from the debt ceiling

Go ahead, go ahead and cast your vote, I don’t mind if I’m left without a choice
Sell it all, sell it off, do as you please, carve it up, wrap it up, claim every voice
Living with consequence of poor results, you decide on the side the penny falls
Far away from the fray, you make your mind, hide yourself, ducking out behind those walls
I don’t think those mindless beasts should, be allowed to go outside
What’s the use in building bridges if, you can’t reach the other side?
The tyranny of mass hysteria, rocking on a broken chair
What’s the use in waking minds up if, no one seems to really care
In the end, in the they pretend to give you choice, every week, more deceit is what they give
Take a look at the state the state is in, who can pay for the way they want to live?
You were taught to despise the foreigner (aliens?), a quick route to the root of all your ills
Will you learn from mistakes made in the past, will you breathe on the land without those gills?
I’ll choose my answer slowly, I’ll take my time with this
A token plastic trophy, a judgement based on risk
The benefits are endless, those fields of gold do shine/are mine
We promise nothing reckless, we’ll toast/save the summer wine
I’ve got another reason
It sounds so unappealing
I’ve got a burning question
It’s such a bad impression


The Landed Gentry

Wilting Member
Imperfect design, mechanical fail, broken embrace, let me see you smile
Wretched concerns, distracted by fear, cut to the quick, and the wolves draw near
We’re forced to compete, for what we don’t need, and the madness never ends
The fool on the hill, is making a kill, their pockets are filled
Impressive display, a luminous troupe, presence of mind, with a strong salute
After the fact, digest the complaint, murdered by crows, and the grace is saved
Corrected mistake, renew the effect, short of the score, sell your self-respect
Ask for advice, but never explain, sale or return and the land is drained

Safe As Poppies
Even keel, quick change I’m dressing in carpet
Pin pricks are sold on the market
Struggling to hit my targets
Cooling off in the SHU

I’d like to place an order
For chaos and disorder
Inflict a little torture
Buckle at the knees

Pleasantries, bad fruit, I’m boiling the cider
Headache from the super collider
Measuring the width getting wider
Bugger all else to do

Moons ago, skin and bone
Dedicated to the cause
The glowing embers need a poke

Trivial disputes, I beg your pardon
Axe grind in the rock ring garden
Silverware polished and sharpened
Nothing but savage sin

Morning Is Broken
Hold still! Falling in an outrage
Possibly going on a rampage
Downbeat, ripple in the quarter
More miles and never falter
Penny drop, suddenly a vision
Listen out for pearly wisdom
Side-step, narrowly avoided
Don’t look so disappointed

Where all of your needs are catered for,
The struggle submits, and settlers the score
Aloof on the cusp, immovable type,
Do come along, tonight is the night
Reflections are grim, a state of decay,
Your right to reply, now paying to play
When using your sole, instead of a brake,
Prepare for the worst, for your own sake

Rootin& Tootin’
Careful now| revolting| heavy cow| bemoaning
Salty dog| cut neatly|over-joy-ous
Plan to fail| tread lightly| kneeling sale| bum bailey
Extra lisp| Skull dugger| comes-with-service

I’m just here for the treats, all in all as it is, shifting loot for the man
Soldier up on your feet, here it goes there it was, cut the price for a friend

Reckless living – bottles spinning – I’m not kidding – talk to your minister
All good men shall – have their souls sold – for a pro-fit – fire the economists
Taking the piss – taking a risk – make no mistake – BRANDY BARRELL
After the news – looking for clues – paying your dues – GIVE NO QUARTER

Maker’s gonna make – trouble in the end – what’s your fate, well that depends
Hapless figurine – frozen in time – learning curves and hills to climb
Social policy – excavated truth – make believe and absent poof
Heady heights of fame – supple rib cage – got to make a penny last today and last all day tomorrow

Perfect colour for your new home – pleasant contrast, hue and good tone
A new range of rugs and soft drapes – silver ware and hand painted plates
Pick it up and put it down, and pick it up and put it down

Guitar Coward
Cooled cup, sardonic sip
Limped in to second place
White wash the splintered frames
Step back, admire your pace

Rush through without attention
Deadlines to meet
Claim for a silent partner
Rinse and repeat

Dash board polished with spit
Reduced to cinder and ash
Heavy gait, dragging your shoe
Big deal, embarrassed to ask

Standard Bearer

Holy hell without rest, all the dashing white guests
Dressing up to the nines, heady heights that we climb
Careful with the petard, hoisted over the guard
To this myth you devote, it was murder she wrote

Oh the daily bread, it’s a burden, how the upper crust treats the vermin
How to live your life as a human, trying to survive in the union

Clasping finger control, change of heart when you’re old
Led astray by your will, broken contract fulfilled
Pleasantries are exchanged, alibis are explained
Raided during the night, broadcast in black and white
The methods of those fools, dialectical rules
As the horror unfolds, breaking out of the mould
Tonight was a success, all the folks were impressed
With your balancing act, with your panic attack

Sunny With Showers
Well it suits you well, a consolation tape
All your best bits, your greatest hits to date
The timing is perfect, the usual suspect
Aint that the truth, long in the tooth, it’s just no use

There was a time, we’d argue toe to toe,
Oh man I’m red, ashamed of what I know
I’m taking my chances, the habit advances
I know the score, been here before, I can’t take no more

For goodness sake, agree to disagree
No contest won, each loser equally
The money you’re spending, no point in pretending
Small price to pay, to walk away, that’s what they say

I’ve had enough! Too much to comprehend
White light white noise, I’ve reached the withered end
I’m hitting the road Jack, along the old dirt track
Enough’s enough, I know it’s rough, it starts with quantum fluctuations in a void

Get Your Grip
Giving orders, giving overs, I don’t think I need directions
Automatic, little bastards, gaining more land every second
Salt crystals, by the dozen, renovate a shallow business
Early warning, in the morning, your privates far from hidden

I’m chickening out downtown, I’m checking out all the power protection
The fun fair is far from safe, you’ll need to take a change of selection
I’m running it out of the ground, no more shall we fear the depths of the motion
The long run is pinned at the neck, good grief another monthly inspection

Up the ante, to the limit, a token passing gesture
With the bud nipped, with the paint stripped, A night of no half measures

Slim chance, halted by the old guard
Time to quit, heading up the red star
A great shame, lost another treasure trove
Overrun, feeling heat and feeling loath

Snare pit, covered with a damp cloth
Time is now, pulling in and getting off
Test run, knife in back, fork in road
Good result, digging up the mother lode

It’s Still Worth Looking
Freedom of choice is the essence of life – give me alternatives
Passing the post by the skin of your teeth – options are limited

All the young dudes are living the blues, the double dip grind is yesterday’s news,
The paranoid rant from the magic lamp, living this life in ‘real terms’

Tanning your hide for the person you love – alms for the glamorous
Scraping the floor of the barrel o’ fun – rinse and repeat again


Grand Mal

Insure your longing gaze, a special feature
Ignore faint-hearted praise, challenge the teacher
Your portrait hangs in shame beneath the pedestal
A scale of 1 to 10, failed by a decimal

The choice was limited no cash conversion
Dispense with discipline nothing is certain
A stunning victory, gentle migration, suppor the industry

The deal is raw I need an exit clause
Security in case the bank withdraws
For many years I had a hand to hold
An exercise in how to gain control

La fleur est très jolie (the flower is very pretty)
dormir dans la folie (Sleep in the madness)
J’adore l’euphorie (I love the euphoria)
Il me faut une sortie (I need an exit)

Correct me if I’m wrong you played a blinder
The hunt was in your name a loyal diner
Let’s all raise a toast a burning tribute
A conscientious host a winning attribute

Forgive the entourage nameless infection
Your scented sweet corsage now in collection
A welcomed overflow of conversation
Exchange the altitude
Sugar Tits
©2013 Lyle Christine
Handle of the evening, raising its head
Having trouble breathing, staring ahead

Another Instagram to remember me by

Use a fancy filter farming the trend
Now a pretty picture wipe the arse end

Hard Rock Cliché
Standing tall, cover position
Verse the call, List the collision
Healthy rest, Instant protection
Feel impressed Nouveau direction
God’s in pieces, guided by reason
Burly seduction, cleansing eruption

Out of the flames

Whit Fancy
Hot shit lace up the gown shudder
That’s enough to make a rocket launch
Drill plan, take it from here halt
Shine on Polish the brass skipper
Send you on your merry little way
Next time looking for love spit

He’s not got his head on
His view is not so popular
He won’t admit he’s wrong
His fuck-ups are spectacular
He lives as he pleases
His life without humility
His heart is in pieces

Rewind take it all back lucky
I’m not sure if that’s appropriate
Good grief samba till dawn weave
Young man pull up your boots shadow
Leave a trail of berries in the woods
Big chees signing the cheque grip
The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone
©2013 Lyle Christine
Got the good news about your big win
You deserve it my dear
And I’m so proud, you’ve come so far
Clouds have gone the sky is clear

These simple words are all I have for you
And I do, Love you

The years pass by, the kids grow up, the circle draws itself again
Life slows down, to a gentle pace, this is now and that was then

Keepie Uppie
Holler, check yourself, I wanna felt you
Ruling the morning hay
Dancer, step this way and take advantage
Piss in the bowling punch
Your big lunge gait and bigger burned weight is gonna sink you under the broken taps
Your close side prick is hidden so quick is there a problem
Room in the inn for all

I cleaned a corner of my cage
I moved an actor of my stage
I fixed an error on my page
I maximized my minimum wage

Keys in, calm it down I wasn’t ready
Scared of the working day
Stellar misty eyes you need protection
Look what they have for sale
Your suck appeal reverses the wheel sweet mercy Dripping from wall to wall
Your brand new trick is making us sick learn potato
Picked by a withered hand

Ad Nauseum
Shut your mouth you’re catching flies
You’re going down for a bargain price
Pick yourself a winning horse I’ll keep my trigger crossed
There’s no make-up for the show pinch your cheeks for a rosy glow
Tread the boards with twinkle toes your splits are on display
I was right about one thing, you can’t dance with a broken shin
Roll the rock across the sand, a level chopping board
Vinegar cleans the filthy stairs, stay abreast and always prepare
Approach the desk with a cold intent, Collect your treasure tongue
The bold stack topples heavy decay I’m leaving through the news of today
Sweet suede creeping earnest request tight collar empty chest
Stick around have a drink or two
A refund if the liquor is new
Holy smokes send the sailors to sea
Try to lose your moral stance

Pee Pressure
Smoky won the fight, he used his bare hands
He’s never killed for fun he likes to meet demands
Man with hacking cough without a next of kin
Enough to see him off a box to lay him in

A statue made of wood, sweep up the shavings
The sculptor understood, Old tech engravings
Recoil in pure disgust, the meal is moving
Close the service down

Should I ignore ignorance or enlighten narrow minds
Is it a duty to help the stubborn intellectually blind

Selling tickets fast oh how exciting
Another till demand, a public sighting
The hits in steady flow a scream of yearning
Performance royalty, more passive earning
Mistakes a quickly fixed with silent treatment
So kick against the pricks with noble reason
Try to feed yourself I liquid diet
You can hide yourself

Now I Can Take It
Shopping list I know what to get
Put my coat on got my keys and wallet
Step outside more puddles and damp
Ring a ring a roses dog shit street lamp
Woman begs in her native tongue
Shopping bags full and carried by her son
Look there the lidl’s in view Cheap and nast yellow red and blue

Cash back? No thanks

Leave the lidl rain falling hard
Goods in hand my receipt and bank card
Car park is a deadly maze Avoid bad temper stop look both ways
Fast food joints greases the air
KFC and a maccy-d food fayre
Corner turned on piddly road
Unlock door walk in and unload

Jumping the Junk
(made up language)


Parish Discount

Guts for Garters
Some would take the ruse, falling on to bare and bordering mistakes
Grim to lose the gram
Shoulder in the mist and trauma dip display

Take of his shoes, play him the blues
Eat what you will, go for the kill

Plough bring on to yearn, Simmer rouse the war, this candle Moorish plain
Come in from the cold, rest the light of shin
And boneless mass parade

Take of his shoes, play him the blues
Eat what you will, go for the kill
Play with the rocks, stand on the rocks
Follow the right, follow the guide

Toodle Pip
I use the ‘c’ word in a good way, it’s the way to curse
I use the ‘F’ word when I’m duelling, someone find a nurse

Chorus I find you impossible, chorus I find a bore
21st Century mainstream, 21st Century snore
Feigning it makes little difference, line up the words in a line
Predicted assembled monotony, hellish repetitive brine

I use the ‘p’ word when I’m bursting, I need a number one
I use the ‘x’ word times a million, it’s a vicious sum

Pardon the Piddle

Crippled by the Crimson
Take all that you want leave me the tremor
Bought and sold for glue
Had it been me would you have mentioned rise above the hue
Write with the wrist turning the medal, no more on the curve
Try to begin, order the canter, from the local earth

Spare me more excuses, I’ve heard them all before and I’m sick till my death
Roll on the war

So, dreaded return, raise all the Bishops
Cast aside the kirk
Crank what you can, temper the grocer
Impaled at the helm
Roaming the silt condemn the Siva
All the currents are loose
Teaching the saint off with their encore
Presumed of the few

Get out the kitchen gimme a stance I just don’t know what to do
Press the laundry hand me a pin and I’ll post the cockle-do
The old mistress calling again, more housework to be done
I wonder why the severed the ranch when missions have begun

Cool your jets man give me a light I can’t see under this hole
I move along my pressure tonight and don’t stop till I get home
The cool cream now welcome the deck
No trace of Styrofoam, and I’ll be the wisdom in these we don’t get no mention from the prison

Some night I’m gonna come over, sometime I’ll call on the ceiling
So cast the red over insole, so tear the hair on a clearing
Move quick is morning for blender, Old high is counting the season, tread lend so mention is, who the fuck knows or cares what these terrible fucking lyrics are.

The Merry Maids of Fife
Giving all this time again a good job would trip the tool
Move along with upper roar you can’t get what you can spill
I’m sorry darling I have to leave, I’ve done some things you won’t believe
Toodle-loo, goodnight, happy going, well alright

Reaching for the crowded dam, I wanna point these hands to dib
All alarms are broken stiff it goes good from back to brim

Trackie Bottoms

Pie Chunks

Whistle for It


Publish and be Damned

Money for Old Goats
Now move it along, keep it out my face, you’ve had your time, you’ve filled your space
I’m talking to you. Try to understand. I’ve got my mouths to feed. I’ve got my land.
You rake it in, you mine the gold, re-sell the asking price, you break the mould
So bone the beak, crack down the back, scrape off the juicy cuts, you paint it black

You’ve got the royalty, you’ve got the mint for life
You’ve got the shiny coin, you hold a golden knife

I’ll tell the truth, show where I stand, I’ll salt the Earth salt, I’ll shift a gram
There’s nothing worse, a roaming hand, I’ve got to pay my tax usurper, I’ll sell the sand
The wind is mine, a flotsam gas, I’ll blow it out the sea, I’ll blow more glass
From where I stand, I stand alone, your fields of plastic maize, your fields of foam

I’m not here, I’m alone again, wishing the game was over, wishing for the end
I’m a mistake, born to raise the dead, watching my compass sinking, fill the cup with dread

Every time you raise a glass I lose another life
You’re a lot like me, I’m a lot like you
Every sip you take again I take another shot
You’re a lot like me, you’re all I’ve got

Waiting for them, to go to their beds, Close the doors now quickly, taking off the edge
Dance in the dark, swim in the sea, nothing makes it better, nothing for me

Easy, Rider
When you’re moving along you’ve got to take a little moment,
You’ve got to take more time, you’ve gotta surf that current, boy
Try to get in the fruit and let your guard down slowly
Come along and change the brain, we’re gonna make it painless boy

Turning away from the alter, running away from the mortar, breaking the back of his son
Given the chance of an option, the essence of life is forgotten, given the chance of a change?

Every time you think twice, you’ve gotta think a little further
You’ve gotta make work work for you, treat them all like they treat you,
Any time that I’m asked I’ve got a quick fire answer, I’ve got shades of mayonnaise
Coming to a town near you

Where There’s Muck, There’s Brass
Gonna get a jacket, straight from the market, bring it back home and wash with a stone
Oh tell me please, I’m not too late, gotta get some rest before I faint
Oh Tailor! Can you make it slightly longer, slightly stronger?
Pay you back soon, with the fruit of the loom, you’re guaranteed to be safe till noon
Oh Mercy! Now I’m on my knees!

The nation of plants just had the last dance, and now we fly by the seat of our pants
No landing strip, no quote to quip, all tails in pairs and soon to quit their DAY JOB!
Signing on the dole! Can’t help it, the girl can’t help it!
Rub that coin and dine on wine, you move the moon and stock the shine of stardom
Please walk this way!
Tie the tie tight, don’t forget to write me once a day and every night you’re gonna take a long look at the big bad book, to the brim it’s filled with gold and sin, Oh teacher! Tell me where I sign on the line or take my time, gonna rescue loot and toke the toot, I’ll cook the clean cut with the door kept shut, gonna bruise the ruse,
Gonna mince the meat!

Peddling the Pathos
Thinking too much about the past
Spending too much time on the grass

And I know it’s early days, soon we’ll do much better,
Soon we’ll have a place, to leave

If I could tell you what’s inside
Try to convince you that I tried

Maybe we’re dancing cheek to cheek, and I can see you smiling
I can feel your heat, inside me

The Pleasure Was All Mine
Help me with this I’ve missed another dead-on-the-line
Falling out with myself after too much red wine
All I need is the seed and I’m set up for life
Call again, I’ll pretend to know you

Cherubs in the pond having a wee, they do me no harm which is good for me
My impression of rejection, Nothing’s so wild it can’t be tamed

Look at the price you’re never gonna pay of the debt
What’s the point in a life if it’s full of regret
On the mattress, without practice
Bask in the glow while stealing the show

Show the world it counts for something, show them all day long
Show the world it counts for nothing, show them all they’re wrong

5 O’clock Finish
Tell me again, this is my day forever
Without an end, only a clock to feather
Monthly malaise, stalling the Western people,
Lucky for them, I recommend a teacher
for your sums, till the end… once again

Had I the chance, I would have quit this nonsense
It’s not for me, I should be scaling ceilings
Let’s make a deal, I’ll be a climbing partner
Winning the race, always slightly farther
On his way, to the top…. of the end
Before I Shuffle Off
©2011 Lyle Christine
Here we go, once again
Start the day at the end
Nevermind, I’ve been here
Many times with the fear

And I don’t want to apologise
Maybe one day you’ll sympathise
Everyone has a different voice
Everyone makes a different choice

Take a seat, my good friend
You look well, on the mend
Off the booze, off the wheel,
Back in black, stainless steel

And I don’t want to apologise
Maybe one day you’ll sympathise
Everyone has a different voice
Everyone makes a different choice

4.5% ABV
Waste that waste, scraping it off, and now I pay you
Take my word, keep it together on the bayou
Hold that thought, let me think for a second
Why don’t I tell you what I really reckon

Taking it off, taking it off and then I get you
Doing a show, look at me go so I impress you
Move it around, touching the edge, I wanna kill you
Buy some land, digging it into a disco

No one cares or dies

Wipe that down, take a away that thistle
Eat today, throw away the gristle
Now it’s late, now it’s late in the evening
Now you’re dead, everyone is grieving

Charlemagne Bossa Nova
Maybe someday I’ll write a line that doesn’t make me sick
Maybe someday I’ll make a quid and spend that quid so quick
Maybe someday I’ll find a cure for bovine herded mass
Maybe someday I’ll shake myself and get up off the grass

Maybe someday I’ll fake my death and end up on the news
Maybe someday I’ll wake without the paranoia blues
Maybe someday I’ll learn to love the finished marble piece
Maybe someday I’ll come back with my tail between my knees

Maybe someday the chance will come to quit the wretched vice
Maybe someday the change will come and folks will air their voice
Maybe someday you’ll take the hint your time is nearly up
Maybe someday the blackened earth will surely eat you up


Dutch Carnage

Get me out, Give me a chance, I need to get me out
Give me a pass I need to get me out, given a chance,
I need to get me out, give me a chance
And now I need to learn, I’ve made a mistake and now I need to learn I’ll do what you say, I’m now a different man, this time it’s for real, I said I need to learn, I’ll do as you ask
It’s time to give it up, give me a chance I said I’ll cut it out, I’ve had it with this, I’ve got to clean it up,
The time is for change, I need to waken up, before it’s too late

Here come the mourners, here come the blood fish
Here come the cleaners here comes the homebrew
Here come the stewards

EXIT (give me a choice I need an)

Hanging from a nail, yeah it’s gonna go wrong, everybody take to the fields
Grow yourself corn and gorge till the dawn, then shoot some shit on the breeze

Look at me I swing from the trees and no-one rules my roost
Hard as leather through the weather, here I stand accused

Let’s roll the dice with the clockwork mice, there’s lessons to be learned
Hand in hand we walk through sand, and time is something earned

Look at me I stand in the sea and nothing steals my wave
Quick as silver, ride the river, all souls can be saved

Goodnight, sweet darling, I’ll hail a penny farthing
Fetch me, my jacket, let’s trip the light fantastic
Hold on, I’m kidding, I wouldn’t waste that shilling
Your face, in stitches, just like the witches

I’ve been looking around trying to find a way,
Gotta find a reason to change into a new groove
This has gone on too long, I’m ready for a change
Open up the hole, I’m gonna bleed a big bruise

If you get my meaning, well here’s to you

Everybody says I’ve got a chippie,
Lurking in the shadows and hissing at the masses
I was like you once, without addiction
All you need to do is get into the practice

I’m gonna save it for later!
When we ask for the waiter!
Take your time with the order!
Here’s a tip for the future!

Got the shakes and the sweat is pouring, it’s just another morning, I’ll drag myself from one hell to the rear
Red eyes don’t look at me, my guilt is plain to see
Another day of running from the fear

While the kids grow up I’ll tell no lies
You’re gonna turn into what you despise
All downhill from here, so crack another beer
There’s no time for disguise!

Yeah! Yeah!

I feel so disgusting, what the hell is in my body
This once was pure but now I’m not so sure
Adrenalin you died in battle, fighting with the bovine cattle
When will you learn to guard against the fool

When the kids grow up I might come clean
Take advice from the horror that I’ve seen
It’s no picnic, and now I’m feeling sick
Some things are meant to be

And so the saying goes, that good things come from patience
Tomorrow is a day without horizon
Walking toward the new sun rising

Tonight it’s gonna hurt, it’s unfair, it’s a torture
One foot goes in front of the other
Distance travelled ends up further

I’ll try to work it out, on my own, through the evening
Encouraged by a new dawn waking slowly
The hard road’s long and often lonely

All it means to me, is the chance, to start over
Maybe this time I’ll beat the bastard
Maybe this time I’ll heal faster

Good luck you’re gonna need it,
Someday you won’t believe it,
Another form to fill out
Another stage to walk out

A pittance paid fortnightly
A giro paid directly
Your history in writing
Your hands are tied

Got to get you onto the streets

Please Sir I’ve paid my credits
My children need a medic
I need some crisis funding
A man can’t get by on nothing

Another Monday morning
Today you withdraw nothing
Oh well a shrapnel payment
A shameful haul

Think about all of the different things that you want to be
Looking out over the landscape (or rainbow) there, where you used to dream
Come along, time is a precious thing, that you should protect
Show the world, you’re taking a stand, and that’s nothing to regret

Wake me up from the middle of my slumber
I can’t fix all the problems from my bed
Anytime I don’t remember details
You’ll find them hidden in the words I said

All along, get on the beaten track, there’s a route to ride
I believe, given a second chance, I can make it right
Me and you, sharing the cost, so we make it through the night
Nevermind, take me again, I’m yours every single time

There it goes again.

The Heebie Jeebies
I’ve got the fusion warming up the movement
I’ve got detention holding back recruitment
I’ve got chills they’re spilling on the pavement
I’ve got the sweats I’m suffering enslavement

My hands shake with the terror of the being
I’ve gone insane I’ve lost the faculty of reason
A quick fix is all I need to feel normal
The heebie jeebies make a man feel abnormal

It’s just one of these things, before you know it you’ve got a monkey on yer back and a worm in your soul.

Sweet nectar, honey drip delicious
My best friend, he’s wicked and malicious

Sum Totality
Diving in the coral forget about your morals
You’re the kind of guy who can rest on his laurels
Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight

Sleeping with the snapper, forget about the laughter
Keep it going kid and one day you’ll be a martyr
Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight

Looking for the answer to silence all the dancers
Cut them all down with the poison backward glances
Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight

All results are the same (every single morning)
I’ve been driven insane (always without warning)
Can we step on the brakes (slow down for the market)
Now I’m riddled with debt (we take direct debit)

Can we call it even, I’m not the one for thieving
We can strike a deal, a different reason to believe in
Heavy damage, heavy dining tonight
Roll around the corner, another fallen mourner
Take a break friend, you can lean against my shoulder
Heavy damage, Heavy dining tonight

Dancing Alone


Eternal Return of the Lame

Keine Angst (fear of science)
Well god bless the progress, it’s gonna take us to the other side, yeah
Beyond the rainbow, a wild journey and a crazy ride, yeah
And I’m sure you mentioned, a big plan that’s gonna save the world, yeah
Well we’ll see what happens, a chicken brain is a chicken grill, yeah

Look out, here come the brainy men
Oh no, filled with ideas again
Go ahead, kill it to make it work
Carve out, the secrets that make it hurt

Nobel! Rascher! Ischi!

And so on to method, the right ways of doing wrong yeah
A cocktail of talent, drunk faster than the speed of light
It’s a poison engine, speeding through the warning signs
Not a thought for danger, see you sooner than the dawn of time, yeah
WaTer’s in the bath and it’s cold cold cold

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the scene
It’s been so long, how long’s it been?
Hold on, hold on, hold on there’s something out of place
We don’t need head, we need your face

You’ll never be part of it, again

No more, no more, no more, don’t say another word
You had a chance but now it’s worse
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye and never to return
So long and thanks for all the fun

Major Head Trauma
I look to the sun, I saw a big black hole in the head
Warming the sea, warming the debt to be
The dead grassland, doesn’t feed those bones too well
Walk on your knees, walk on the stones and shells
The big black bear, he can’t shit in the woods anymore
Silence the bark, everything stripped to the core
The kids can’t drink from a river of slime and piss
The gold boat sails, and disappears into the mist
The poor young girl, she’s the size of a house and more, painting her nails and never moves past the door
I look to the west, I got a big fat feeling inside
Who would have guessed, the fat man stole all the pies
I look to the east, I got a rock square between the eyes
Who would have guessed, the sandpit swallows the lies
The deep middle earth, home to witches and mists of hell
That’s not to say the buggers don’t do so well

Owner’s Delight
I’d rather break than have to bend
Every day is Bourbon day
Given all your faults, you’re still who I want
Given all your faults, you’re still the best

The more you flirt the less I’ll care
Scaring me was good advice
Given all your faults, you’re still who I want
Given all your faults, you’re still the best

Life’s a Fart
Going to the big big market, gonna buy some
Whistles and bells for the Children (Eat for free)
That’s right, it’s a party tonight at the big town hall
Gonna draw some big big circles, in the sandpit next to yours at the picnics (by the sea)
That’s right, gonna sit beside you, hope you don’t mind

A life at sea is the life for me

Take a look at old man Wilson, see him struggle up the big big hill in the morning (has broken)
That’s right, with a yoke on his back and a song in his heart
Every day he gets a little closer, soon enough he’ll be king of the big big castle (in the sky)
That’s right, don’t forget to keep the grass neat

The merry people bump ‘n’ grind on the floor
The famous faces get wasted in the folds
The lights are on but only cancer is home
The finger’s poised but it don’t pick up the phone

The lucky shot is only lucky for some
The clouds of dust lock up the stars and the sun
The left and right are folded in to the mix
The people go to work on their daily fix

Getting along but without applause
Back with the lambs

You better scoot before you miss the big show
I got my nails to paint but then I don’t know
I like the movement of the dashing white gown
He’s into panto but too much of a clown

Christinian Quandary
The man hates looking at the people
He thinks about climbing up the steeple and not to lose some weight
A fingerprint is found upon the shadow
An outline is traced by the shadow
The bells ringing too late
In a moment of hurried confusion, out hero lapses a moment’s delusion, he slips and falls to his death
The dissonance is peppered with laughter
A crowd gathers to witness the martyr
The fall fails to impress
Newly found from burden’s removal, a new set of rules for approval
He now waits With
One chance to paint a different picture, to separate the dust from the winter
And then throw it all away
He limps through the broken cathedral, throws Up and looks at the people, they all ask him to leave
The big world is backdoor supported, The Small and the small are deported, and figures speak for themselves
All resource is managed by wasters, The big share is safe for the majors, a man is driven to drink
The reproduced shell of our hero, former glory reduced to zero, face a shiny coin
Truly stinking. Ugh.

Tastes Like White Lightning
Kiss on the mouth, kiss on the mouth, kiss on the mouth
Where is the mouth? where is the mouth?, where is the mouth?
Kiss on the mouth and then kiss me everywhere

Put a new suit on, drink from the cauldron
Travel the city don’t forget to eat your greens
Pick up the lender try to remember, early july, the blood is broken at the seam


Take No Heed
Give all you can and do no harm
Take no heed of the passing storm

Look at the men in field as they work together
All full of hope for the world trying to make it better
No sign of danger a theory of labour instead
We’re not so different you and me

Follow the path through the woods to the empty clearing
There stands a hut with a stove and a fire burning
No exploitation when you’re isolated from view
We’re not so different Me and You

Sharing the seeds that are sewn for the coming season
Ringing the bell wag your tail for the human being
No greed or hunger the sunshine lasts longer for you
We’re not so different me and you

If I may say before I must leave
Take to the stage, take to the streets
Given a chance to lap up the love
Show them your bones, show them your heart


Why Doesn’t My Album Sound As Loud As Everyone Else’s?

Fuck Your 20s
So here you are, pissing against the wall
The prime of life, making the worst of it all
Here you are, wet behind the years

Do you ever stop to think, what freedom really means
Brother you make me sick, you’re hiding behind those screens

SO Here you are, trying not to conform
It’s the British way, filling out some forms
Here you are, waiting to be served

Auld Metal
Do you believe the world is a stage?
Do you believe in parsley and sage?
Do you believe in Heaven and Earth?
Do you believe alopecia’s a curse?

Do you believe the tories are right?
Do you believe the bump in the night?
Do you believe in Karmic return?
Do you believe there’s a fortune to earn?

Do you believe every word that you read?
DO you believe in the power of Mead?
Do you believe every fool on the hill?
Do you believe in seeking a thrill?

You, you martyr, you’re not welcome round here
You better pack your things and leave

Gimme more limb, yeah it’s severed again
Gimme more gin, yeah it’s working again

Factory Default
Quick step the major’s looking
Unless you like a booting
Bonny Boy you think I’m lying
Some hearts are not worth signing

This weeping wendy shall weep for no one else
And my sweet, had I known, I never would have asked that man for advice
And I see, on the floor, this weeping wendy shall weep for no one else
So let’s swing

Factory default is leader
all love lived on the meter
Suspicious unit shifters
Online deceptive pictures

Did you notice everybody standing in line
What’s on offer, check the big neon sign
Every corner needs a street fighting man
For protection from the teenage wasteland
In between the moments of tumbling weed
Comes a hunger for the old dying breed
Where’s the movement on the big motion screen
Do you worry the action has gone and been?
You’d be right to question the moral escape
While subscription’s wasted on the big blind date
God forbid the lord finds you idle as sin
Only he really knows the trouble you’ve been in
Throw your money down into the wishing well
Happy fortunes saved by the big hard sell
The day exists to feed the old brown port chimp
All your free time hangs on the weakest link
Vicious circles keep a man walking straight
In the modern world he cannot be late
Dirty lizards laugh on the sunset tune
Filthy Prophets are born from the bust and boom

Buyer’s Remorse
She was a girl, but of no consequence
And she was seen to be the queen of the big rolling rock
She had it easy, but was no connoisseur,
A dullard image of a girl without a lot to say
What’s the price Sir? I have a half-crown
It doesn’t matter dear, for you everything here is free
Well thank you kindly sir, you’re quite the perfect host
It’s a pleasure miss, a pleasure to see you today, Oh it’s a pleasure miss, A pleasure but do let me say

There’s doesn’t seem to be much choice, there doesn’t seem to be much change, am I talking to myself? There’s got to be something else

Forget the girl, we’re talking turkey, it’s a language everybody has a problem with
It’s common practice to practice common things
Like a shiny coin that’s saved for a rainy day
Thank the stable hands, for their instruction
Never fear your saddle has always been screwed
Enjoy your journey and have a pleasant trip
DO call again if you’re passing through at all again
Do call again if you’re passing through again do call

Limited life, limited choice, there aint much room in a…

Where Loops Begin, Men Scream

AC Hardcore
The danger of the witching hour
Comes creeping earlier each day
Instead of looking out to face it
We tend to look the other way
Flitting around in shadows
Spying you from above
Two is always one too many, one is always never enough
Tempting me with a chalice, tempting me with a glove
When the witching hour’s upon me
The succubus invades my gut
What once was for a pure intention
No sooner is reduced to smut
What’s a little southern discomfort
Even if it makes you sore
You can show them all your blisters
The ultra ac hardcore
Take it to the morning paper
Take it to the morning sun
When the witching hour is over
The persecution really starts
Guilty conscience comes a’knocking
A drought inside a bleeding heart
Every second person walking
Has seen the same dark of day
Running around in circles
With very little else to say
Come and meet the fallen soldiers
Come and watch the men embrace
Etc, etc, gahhh, terrible

Edi Funk
Don’t you want party tonite?!!!

Gone Fishin’
Say a man was to leave his home
Takes a trip down the old red stone
Is that ok?
Appearing briefly on the burning sand
Coast to coast with his cap in hand
Is that ok?
(getting away)

He doesn’t seek the answers on his knees
He takes a trip through the old brown leaves
Is that ok?
He knows the value of a well-earned meal
A rolling stone that gathers no steel
IS that ok?

A rusted edge won’t cut the hot grain
He takes a trip down the old Mary jane
IS that ok?
Appearing briefly on the broken track
Nothing heavy that would break his back
Is that ok?
No concern for a daily routine
He walks away from the killing machine
Is that ok?